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Patna Pirates wins Pro Kabaddi League Season 3

Patna Pirates won the Pro Kabaddi League season 3 for the first time after defeating the defending champions U Mumba at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on Saturday.

Rohit Kumar and Sandeep Narwal were the impressive performers for Patna Pirates as they defeated the defending champions by a lead of 3 points (31-28). In the first half, Patna has taken a huge lead of 19-11 against U Mumba. U Mumba fought back in the second half with their captain Anup Kumar and defender Mohit Chhillar to take it to 28-28 against Patna. But substitute Deepak Narwal came good on a do-or-die raid to take it to 29-28 and help Patna emerge winners.

Patna Pirates’ Rohit Kimar won the most ‘valuable player of the tournament’ and ‘best raider of the match’ award by scoring 8 raid points with one bonus points from 17 raids. Sandeep Narwal bagged the Pro Kabaddi ‘defender of the tournament’ award. He bagged 7 points including 2 raid points and 5 tackle points. Pradeep Narwal won the Pro Kabaddi’s ‘rising star of the tournament’.

It was really an unlucky day for U Mumba’s super raider Rishank Devadiga.  He had only one successful raid from 8 raids to score a single raid point. Skipper Anup Kumar shone with some good show in this match as he bagged 8 raid points with two bonus points from 26 raids. Substitute Shabeer Bappu bagged 3 raid points. Mohit Chhillar bagged 6 tackle points with one super tackle.

Puneri Paltan finishes 3rd

Puneri Paltan finished third in the Pro Kabaddi League Season 3 by defeating Bengal Warriors at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on Saturday.

Puneri Paltan won by a lead of 4 points (31-27) against Bengal Warriors. They laid the foundation of the win in the first half with a (15-8) 7 points lead and carried the same form in the second half to emerge winners.

Puneri Paltan’s Deepak Nivas Hooda and captain Manjeet Chhillar came good against the rivals. Deepak got the ‘best raider of the match’, ‘player of the match’ and ‘top player of the winning team’ award by scoring 9 points including one tackle point and 8 raid points.

Manjeet Chhillar won the Inspiring defender of the match award. He scored 6 points including one raid point and 5 tackle points with one outstanding super tackle. Ajay Thakur’s raids failed three times as he scored just 4 raid points from his 11 raids.

Bengal Warriors fought on gamely without their star raider Nitin Tomar and Mahesh Goud. Jang Kung Lee and skipper Nilesh Shinde raised their game for the big match. Jang Kung Lee was the top scorer for the unlucky Warriors. He bagged 9 points including one tackle point and 8 raid points with 2 bonus points and super raids.

Mahendra Ganesh Rajput came up with some successful raids for Bengal Warriors as he bagged 5 raid points with 2 bonus points. Warriors finished on fourth spot.

U Mumba stun Bengal Warriors to maintain remarkable title

Ronnie screwvala promoted U Mumba, maintained their unbeaten run with comfortable victory over their Bengal Warriors rivals to storm in to the finals of the 3rd season of Pro Kabaddi at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on Friday

The defending champions U Mumba was strong both in defends and attack which initially destroyed the rivals’ defense. In the first half itself they have taken a huge lead of 26-08 against Bengal Warriors and when it came to the second half U Mumba toyed with their opponents to emerge an easy 41-29 victory in the semi finals.

Rishank Devadiga’s outstanding performance made him the top scorer of the match. During the match he crossed the 100 raid points in this season only which was followed by Patna Pirates’ Pradeep Narwal. He bagged total 13 points including two tackle points with one super tackle and 11 raid points from 15 raids. Captain Anup Kumar too played his role to perfection as always resulting in a third consecutive entry into the title round. He led the side admirably and bagged six raid points for U Mumba. Mohit Chhillar and Fazel Atrachali showcased impressive defends last night too. Mohit bagged six tackle points including one super tackle. Fazel assisted Mohit and bagged three tackle points too.

For Bengal Warriors, Jang Kun Lee and Nitin Tomar who had devastated many a defense on their way to the semis looked like harmless warriors without arms and ammunition. Nitin Tomar came back to the game in the second half to show some good raids for warriors, he bagged 8 raid points with bonus point. The substitute Vineet Sharma bagged six points including one tackle points and 5 raid points from his outstanding performance in the second half. Jang Kung Lee couldn’t take successful raid from his four raids against the defending champions.

U Mumba will be facing the Patna Pirates in their third final of Pro Kabaddi League. Bengal Warriors and Puneri Paltan will fight for the 3/4th position on Saturday at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.

U Mumba beats Telugu Titans

Defending champions U Mumba defeated Telugu Titans in the 54th match of the Pro Kabaddi League season 3 at DOME@NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai.

U Mumba recorded a (38-22) win over Telugu Titans. U Mumba led in the first half by a lead of 8 points (18-10) and carried the same form in the second half to emerge winners. With this win, U Mumba registered ninth consecutive win in this season.

For U Mumba, Rishank Devadiga bagged 14 raid points including one bonus point from 12 raids. Captain Anup Kumar bagged four raid points. Mohit Chhillar came up with some good tackles in this match. Mohit scored six tackle points and crossed the 100 tackle points in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Telugu Titans’ captain Rahul Chaudhari bagged 12 points including two tackle points with an outstanding super tackle and 10 raid points with four bonus points. Rohit Baliyan scored four points including one tackle point and three raid points with one bonus point. Sukesh Hegde bagged 3 raid points from six raids for Titans.

U Mumba is placed second with 55 points in 13 matches. Titans is placed fifth with 38 points.

Bengal Warriors enters last four

Bengal Warriors stormed into the semi-finals after defeating Bengaluru Bulls in the 53rd match of the Pro Kabaddi League season 3 at DOME@NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai. Bengal Warriors won the match by a lead of 4 points (26-22).

Jang Kung Lee was the top raider for Bengal Warriors. He bagged six raid points including two bonus points from his 13 raids. Mahesh Goud contributed five raid points from 19 raids. Captain Nilesh Shinde was impressive as defender. He bagged 7 tackle points including one super tackle.  Young raider Nitin Tomar bagged 4 raid points in Bengal Warrior’s victory.

Bengaluru Bulls registered their 12th loss in this season in 14 matches. Deepak Kumar Dahiya was the top scorer for Bulls in this match. He scored 6 raid points. Pawan Kumar bagged two points from seven raids.

With this win, Bengal Warriors is placed third with 47 points after 13 matches.  Bengaluru Bulls is seventh with 14 points in 14 matches.

U Mumba registers another close win 

U Mumba overcame Puneri Paltan in the 52nd match of Pro Kabaddi League season 3 at DOME@NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai.

The defending champions rallied to win by three points (30-27) after trailing by two points with just about three minutes left.

Captain Anup Kumar fought again for U Mumba.  Anup bagged three points in a super raid in the 18th minute to give his side a 12-11 lead for U Mumba. He scored a total of 8 raid points including three bonus points. Rakesh Kumar scored 7 points including one tackle point and six raid points with three bonus points for U Mumba. Rishank Devadiga bagged five raid points in this match.

Puneri Paltan put up a good show through Ajay Thakur and Surendra Singh in the absence of their skipper Manjeet Chhillar. Captain Jasmir Singh Gulia bagged 6 tackle points with 3 super tackles.

For Pune, Deepak Niwas Hooda bagged 6 points including three tackle points and three raid points. Surandra Singh contributed five raid points and Ajay Thakur scored three raid points for Puneri Paltan.

U Mumba is placed second with 50 points after 12 matches. Puneri Paltan is placed third with 43 points after 13 matches.

Top raiders in Pro Kabaddi League season 3

Pradeep Narwal

Pradeep Narwal has been one of the reasons for Patna Pirates’ success in this season. He is one of the successful raiders in this season. He tops the best raider’s category with 106 raid points from 76 successful raids.  He averages 5.43 successful raids per match. He also bagged the most points in a match (24) against Telugu Titans this season.

 Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar of Patna Pirates is another successful raider in this season. His outstanding performance has led Patna Pirates to many wins. Rohit bagged the title ‘Kabaddi Ka Boss’. Rohit is placed second in the top raiders list with 88 raid points from 71 successful raids. He averages 7.1 successful raids per match this season.

 Rahul Chaudhari

Rahul Chaudhari has been one of the best raiders this season. His outstanding skills has been the pillar behind Telugu Titans’ victory. He occupies the third spot on the raiders chart with 77 points from 72 successful raids. He averages 6 successful raids per match in this season

Kashiling Adake

Dabang Delhi’s flying machine Kashiling Adake is on a roll this season too. He is placed fourth in the top raiders chart with 75 points from 55 successful raids. He averages 5 successful raids per match. But in spite of this, Dabang Delhi is at the bottom of the league table.

 Surjeet Singh

The Dabang Delhi’s raider came into form quite late in this season. He is placed fifth with 68 raid points from 54 successful raids. He averages 4.5 successful raids per match in this season. He is one of the few bright spots for Delhi in an other disappointing tournament.

U Mumba’s Rishank Devadiga (68), Bengal Warriors’ Nitin Tomar (65) and Jang Kung Lee (64), Jaipur Pink Panthers’ Rajesh Narwal (59) and Telugu Titans’ Sukesh Hegde (58) occupy the top raiders chart.