Top raiders in Pro Kabaddi League season 3

Pradeep Narwal

Pradeep Narwal has been one of the reasons for Patna Pirates’ success in this season. He is one of the successful raiders in this season. He tops the best raider’s category with 106 raid points from 76 successful raids.  He averages 5.43 successful raids per match. He also bagged the most points in a match (24) against Telugu Titans this season.

 Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar of Patna Pirates is another successful raider in this season. His outstanding performance has led Patna Pirates to many wins. Rohit bagged the title ‘Kabaddi Ka Boss’. Rohit is placed second in the top raiders list with 88 raid points from 71 successful raids. He averages 7.1 successful raids per match this season.

 Rahul Chaudhari

Rahul Chaudhari has been one of the best raiders this season. His outstanding skills has been the pillar behind Telugu Titans’ victory. He occupies the third spot on the raiders chart with 77 points from 72 successful raids. He averages 6 successful raids per match in this season

Kashiling Adake

Dabang Delhi’s flying machine Kashiling Adake is on a roll this season too. He is placed fourth in the top raiders chart with 75 points from 55 successful raids. He averages 5 successful raids per match. But in spite of this, Dabang Delhi is at the bottom of the league table.

 Surjeet Singh

The Dabang Delhi’s raider came into form quite late in this season. He is placed fifth with 68 raid points from 54 successful raids. He averages 4.5 successful raids per match in this season. He is one of the few bright spots for Delhi in an other disappointing tournament.

U Mumba’s Rishank Devadiga (68), Bengal Warriors’ Nitin Tomar (65) and Jang Kung Lee (64), Jaipur Pink Panthers’ Rajesh Narwal (59) and Telugu Titans’ Sukesh Hegde (58) occupy the top raiders chart.


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