Injuries in kabaddi major hindrance in taking it up as a career

By Ashok Kumar Shaw

In kabaddi, the chances of an injury is higher compared to any other sports. This is the reason many families discourage their wards to take up kabaddi as a career. But thanks to the love and passion for this sport, many budding players continue to pursue a career in them. Some even go ahead and play kabaddi at the national level and bring laurels for their country. The story of Rajaguru Subramanian, defender right cover for Dabang Delhi in Pro Kabaddi League, runs on a similar track like this.

“Initially, my family discouraged me to take up kabaddi as a career as it was quite an injury-prone sport. But senior players in my native village helped me to pursue kabaddi as a career,” recollects Rajaguru. “Now, my family supports me as I come on TV. I even help them out financially.”

Of the many laurels and medals Rajaguru has won, the Dabang Delhi player reminisces with pride the win in Asian Games final in 2014 when he was part of the winning India team that trounced Iran by two points. He also won a gold medal for it.

“That was my most memorable moment, winning the final by just two points,” brims Rajaguru with pride.


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