Kabaddi is no more a rural sport: Rahul Kumar

By Ashok Kumar Shaw

Here’s the second part of the interview with Rahul Kumar who is all set to play for Telugu Titans in the third edition of Pro Kabaddi League that starts on January 30.

Wizz Kabaddi: How difficult or challenging it is to play as Defender Right Cover for Telugu Titans?

Rahul: The main position is cover. In a matter of seconds, one has to take decisions. He has to save himself from raider, and hit him also. I used to play for left cover for UP.  But in last year nationals, there were two left covers in my team, there was no right cover. So, coach sir asked me to play for right cover and I did well in it and then kept on playing for right cover. But I can play for both left and right.

Wizz Kabaddi: How is the first season with Telugu Titans has been for you?

Rahul: There is a lot of unity in the team. All players are very good, lot of communication happens between players. Coach sir also helps us out. If I don’t understand anything, coach sir gives special attention and help me out.

Wizz Kabaddi: What are the advantages or disadvantages of playing kabaddi as a professional?

Rahul: I feel great to play kabaddi. Whatever is happening for kabaddi, it’s very good. Lot of players can benefit from it. If a player is not getting selected in nationals, he can try in Pro Kabaddi and then work his way up.

Injuries are part and parcel of this sport. Raiders suffer a lot of injuries. He has to raid and players have to catch them. There is more chances of injures to him. But he should take proper rest and take care of his injuries.

Wizz Kabaddi: What is contribution of Pro Kabaddi League in making this sport popular?

Rahul: Nobody knew about kabaddi before. But thanks to Pro Kabaddi, everyone knows about this game. Earlier, it was played only in villages. It was a rural sport before. But now ask anyone in cities, they will talk about Pro Kabaddi now. Those who have never played kabaddi, now knows at least one rule about this sport, thanks to Pro Kabaddi. It’s going to move ahead, if media helps.

Wizz Kabaddi: What  advice you want to give to young generations who want to take up this sport?

Rahul: He should work hard, take care of his health, eat timely, sleep timely … take a lot of help from coaches… he can try in nationals and then can play in Pro Kabaddi League.


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