Starting a kabaddi career with just Rs 50


By Ashok Kumar Shaw

While tennis, cricket or football can be quite expensive, kabaddi is such a sport that you can start at a minimum price. Amit Chillar, who plays for Dabang Delhi, started his kabaddi career with just Rs 50. “When we started, we bought shoes for Rs 15 and T-shirts for Rs 35,” said Dabang Delhi defender. “But, if you want to play kabaddi now, you can start with as little as Rs 1000-1200. You can get shoes for Rs 700 and T-shirts for Rs 500, you can start the sports with just Rs 1000-1200.”

Amit also mentioned about the growing popularity of kabaddi and how it has the potential to be the next big sport in India. “Kabaddi is gaining popularity now. Earlier, it was played in villages, but now it is being played in cities also. If kabaddi is played in bigger towns or cities, then one day kabaddi will become the biggest sport in India. Government should support kabbadi. Because of Pro Kabaddi League, the sport is becoming popular. If government support kabaddi, it can become big.”

Amit also has few words of advice for youngsters who want to take up kabaddi as a career. Amit said, “You should take care of your fitness, body,diet and do timely practice. If you want to make career in kabbadi, concentrate on your game and studies, do not worry about anything else. Studies are also important for kabaddi.”

So, save your pocketmoney to start a kabaddi career now.


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