Pro Kabaddi League has benefited players: Rajaguru Subramanian

By Ashok Kumar Shaw

Pro Kabaddi League has changed many careers of players for good. One such player is Rajaguru who plays for Dabang Delhi in the Pro Kabaddi League.  Rajguru started with Telugu Titans as a junior player, but now he’s a senior player for Dabang Delhi in the upcoming third edition.

“We come on TV during the Pro Kabaddi League and that has helped us gain popularity. Our family support us now after they had discouraged us initially to take up the sport due to injury concern,” says Rajaguru.  “Thanks to Pro Kabaddi League, the sport has become more popular. More stadiums and grounds in towns and cities have come up due to Pro Kabaddi.”

Rajaguru is happy to play in this tournament despite the risk of injuries playing on a hard surface. “Thanks to Pro Kabaddi, we have benefited financially. Juniors players have got an opportunity to perform at such a big level.”

He also has few words of advice for youngsters who want to take up kabaddi as a career. “You should be  disciplined when it comes to practice, team meetings…you should respect the sport.. then there will be more chance of coming up in kabaddi,” he advised.


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