Pro Kabaddi League came as a blessing for Dabang Delhi player Amit Chillar


by Ashok Kumar Shaw

If his mother had not supported him and asked him to continue playing kabaddi, Amit Chillar, a talented kabaddi player who trade his skills for Dabang Delhi in Pro Kabaddi League, would have been lost to farming. Amit was undergoing serious family problems and was almost on the verge of quitting the sport, but his mother asked him to continue playing for some more time.

“Those were hard times. That was the time when the whole family was dependent on me. My father was diagnosed of cancer, while my brother had to undergo stomach operation,” said Amit. “So that was the time when I had to handle everything and do the farming, but my mother came in support of me. She said, ‘Not now, let’s try for some more time.’ And then next year, Pro Kabbadi League came and I got selected and then I got a job also in Railways.”

His friends too supported him through these tough times. His friends told him to concentrate on his game while they worked for him on the farm. “My friends said, “’We are there for you. We will work, you go and play.’” There have been situations that there  were tournaments and my father and brother were sick, my friends came to help me out, saying you go and play, we will work in the field.”

Amit has been with Dabang Delhi since its first season and proudly claims to be happiest when he got three awards during the first season. He, however, could not play more than  five matches in season two as he was injured.

He also reminisces with pride the first medal he won in his kabaddi career. “I got a gold in U-14 school nationals in 2005, that was my proudest moment. I was feeling on top of the word.”


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