The Iranians and the Japanese – know your overseas players at the Kabaddi League

1. Meraj Sheykh

Iranian kabaddi player Meraj Sheykh signed up for Telugu Titans for the second edition of the Pro Kabaddi League. The experienced raider is known to a soft spoken man but plays with aggression and a whole lot of confidence. The Iranians, who have started threatening India at the international level, have also had a long history with the sport. Sheikh,who was appointed as the captain of the Hyderabad franchise, has already started showing his skills and the amount of experience by leading from the front.
The former wrestler was signed for Rs 20.10 lakhs along with with his national teammate Hadi Oshtorak for Rs 21.10 lakhs by the Titans. The 27-year-old has shown his all-round capabilities and the Titans are now sitting second in League standings. In a very stupendous performance, wherein Man of the match Sheikh was very instrumental scoring as many as 11 points, Telugu Titans beat Patna Pirates by a whopping 44-28The Sistan-born player will be looking out to go out all the way and win the trophy and prove his worth to the team owners.

2. Hadi Oshtorak

Iranian Hadi Oshtorak was bought by Telugu Titans for a jaw -dropping Rs. 21.1 lakhs. The bid made him the highest priced contracted player in the whole of Pro Kabaddi League. The price was up to fourteen times greater than the base price that was reserved for the particular player in the draft. Hadi, who has earned fame at the international level, has found his feet already in the league and has created havoc with his splendid performances. The youngster, who has grown up in humble belongings, wants to get married and look after his family with the money he has got from the signing in the league.
The Iranian duo have become the crux of the Hyderbad franchise having strangled the opponent raiders with their experience and teamwork. The 23-year-old left corner defender has been incredible in his position so far this season, with having been the Titans star player at many occasion

3. Masayuki Shimokawa

Japanese player Masayuki Shimokawa from Japan was one of the players, who helped U Mumba cruise to the finals of the first Pro Kabaddi league. The 26-year-old raider, who idolizes Ajay Thakur, has been in the international circuit for long and has been awarded many trophies and medals for his on-field exploits.
Shimokawa, who primarily deals in frozen crabs to earn a living is known to wake up as early as three in the morning, works as many as 11 hours of running around.
The now important member of the Japanese Kabaddi National team has risen up from his humble belongings to now having become a known face in the Kabaddi circuit.The presence of Shimokawa in the Mumbai franchise fold in the popular Kabaddi league had made the Japanese people to tune into their TV sets to watch their hero rubbing shoulders with the other popular stars of the sport.

4. Takamitsu Kono

Another Japanese player in the league is Takamitsu Kono, who was signed up for the Dabang Delhi in the first edition. The 21-year-old, who is pursuing a degree in Buddhism from Taisho University, is following his father Ryosen’s footsteps, who is a Buddhist monk. The calm and peaceful nature of youngster contradicts the love for the contact sport. The rugby enthusiast is a defender, but can anyday step in the raiding shoes and give a tough time to the defenders of the opponent team.
Like his Japanese compatriot Shimokawa in the Indian Kabaddi league, Kono is also a key member of the kabaddi national team of Japan. He showcased his ambidextrous techniques with the Delhi franchise and lived up to Japan’s reputation of being one of the rising teams in the kabaddi world. The national champion at junior level showed his skills with successful raids and tackles in the first edition. Kono would be looking forward to continue his impressive run after having joined the team due to some issues and is now looking ahead to help his clan to end up at the top of the league in the second edition.


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