Quiz Kabaddi – are you a Kabaddi Wizzard ?

– Anuj Sharma

I am sure you are watching the Kabaddi games, reading and analysing the matches and players, playing the Wizz Kabaddi Fantasy league, and hence would have become an expert in your own right on this thrilling game of Kabaddi.

Why not test your knowledge of Kabaddi ?

Do you know who is the foreign player to have played maximum matches in current edition of Indian Kabaddi League ?

If you have an idea, we have a quiz made and ready for you.

You must try the first level of the quiz.
And if you do so well that you want to test yourself further, we have created 4 levels for you, each of them full of exciting questions about Kabaddi.

We are certain you will answer many questions in the quiz and will also come out of the quiz having learnt many new aspects of Kabaddi.

All you have to do is login to http://www.wizzkabaddi.com with your regular registered email, and click on the quiz banner.
This will take you to quiz page, and a click will open the 4 levels of quizzes to you.

After you take the quiz, do drop us a line on info@wizzkabaddi.com or write a comment telling us how was the quiz , and which was your favourite question.

Cheers and best wishes for being on the way to becoming a Kabaddi Wizzard


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