Captain’s day out at Wizz Kabaddi

Captain’s day out !

Thank you and congratulations on playing WizzKabaddi – world’s first Kabaddi Fantasy League.

The big kabaddi weekend with the double header matches is here , and we would like you to earn a big haul of points for your team.

And you can simply do that by choosing the Captain of your Fantasy team carefully.

Why Captain ?

Because Captain in a Kabaddi team is not only the point earner, but a strategist , a motivator and the driving force behind the team’s performance.

And how will you benefit by selecting the Captain ?

The Captain will get you 5 times, yes FIVE TIMES the regular points earned.

It means that the points earned by the player you choose as Captain of your fantasy team on Saturday and Sunday, August 8 and 9, will get multiplied by 5, and give you a bonanza of points.

How to choose the captain ?

Choose your captain really carefully. Study the teams which are playing matches on Saturday & Sunday, and their best players so far.
And then go with your analysis and instinct on who could be the best performing player on Saturday , and similarly on Sunday.

How to select the Captain in the Fantasy League ?

All you have to do is go to and login with your registered email id.
Once you log in, click on your Fantasy Team, and you will see the list of players.
Just choose the player and select Captain against him.
And you are ready for your 5 multiple bonus.

This will also give you a serious chance to move towards top of the leaderboard if you are a bit far.
And will give your points a big boost to win the daily prizes for Saturday and Sunday.

Let’s get ready to play the Captain’s day out this weekend !


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