What is a back kicker in sports ?

A back kicker in sports: 

A footballer who passes the ball back to his team-members while moving towards the goal; or
a kickboxer who twirls around and unleashes a kick on his taken-aback opponent; or
a Kabaddi raider who turns his back to unsuspecting defenders during the cant, and unleashes a back kick to touch the defender and gain the points, while at all times being ready to run to his pala ?

Maybe all of these, but it is the Kabaddi raiders who exemplify back kick as an individual style of game within the game.

The most famous exponent of this back kick in Kabaddi League is Jasvir Singh, the star raider of Jaipur team, who is known to execute one back kick after another taking several defenders down one by one, in a single raid.

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