Have you seen a Frog Jump in Kabaddi ?

by Anuj Sharma @anujsharmasport

What is a Frog Jump in Kabaddi ?

When a raider goes forward in opponent’s area, and the defenders circle around him and try to corner him, the fleet footed raider makes a sudden jump out of the circle taking the defenders by surprise.

This jump derives it’s name from the way a live frog jumps from its perch without any warning.

Amazingly, real frog jumping as a sport is still in vogue in different parts of the world.
Mark Twain popularised it with his short story, ‘The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County’ in 1865.
Since then the ‘Calaveras Frog Jumping Competition’ in America is among the most prestigious events in the frog jumpers’ calendar.

The player in Kabaddi circuit who is identified by his Frog Jumps is Ajay Thakur from a small village in Himachal Pradesh and a star player of Bengaluru Bulls in the Kabaddi League.

Watch out for his relentless attack on defenders and the thrilling Frog Jumps when he gets himself surrounded.

And if you want to have Ajay Thakur in your Fantasy Kabaddi team, click on http://wizzkabaddi1.cloudapp.net/Account/Register.aspx and register your team.

Wizz Kabaddi !


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